About Us

We used a variety of camera angles to catch drivers either doing things all wrong or doing a great job. We use the videos to demonstrate that following the rules leads to success and failure to follow the rules leads to traffic tickets and collisions. We brought all the real world footage back to the studio to show our students how real driving happens and how to avoid common mistakes. Through videos and blackboard lectures, that feel like the instructor is speaking only to you, we carefully explain every law you need to know to pass your driving test and be a collision-free driver.

To make remembering the information even easier we use video tricks, everything from flashing words and phrases to catchy rap-like songs that are easy to remember. We also used color and lighting in a variety of ways to highlight areas in the videos that are important. Finally, we used music to help keep your attention. Our conclusion about online driver education was that we could use our superb ability to explain driving laws and methods combined with our knowledge of technology to build a course that is simple to learn and easy to remember so that you can successfully unlock the freedom to drive.

We focus on providing the same lesson with different learning methods.

Only download as high a quality of video as your browser and computer can handle, saving bandwidth.

Our course and lessons have been optimized for mobile viewing on a tablet or smartphone.