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Become the next student out of 71 students that have completed our course and gotten a license in King County.

If you are, or know someone who is, between the ages of 18-25 and do not yet have a Texas driver's license, then the State of Texas requires a 6-hour course to be taken as the written part of your drivers license exam. You will need an official certificate to bring with you to DPS when you go for the official driving portion of your exam with the examiner.
This course does not need to be taken locally at an actual driving school in your town or elsewhere in King County.
The State of Texas permits the course to be taken online as long as you take the course from a Texas Department of License and Regulation (TDLR)-approved company like ours. Upon successful completion, you will be able to download your Certificate of Completion that the Texas Department of Public Safety's Drivers License Office will accept as proof that you have passed the Texas Adult Driver Education 6-Hour instruction course.
We can help anyone needing this certification in Texas including King County and these communities:

Why Should You Consider Taking Our Course?

We understand that you likely don't have a ton of time to spend reading, arranging rides with friends or family to a local driving school, or other inconveniences. Even though the State of Texas mandates that you take this course once you reach 18 years of age, we still want to make it as easy as possible for you!

Here are some of the reasons why you want to consider us:

  • We are TDLR-approved (C2826)
  • DPS accepts our certificates that you have passed the course
  • The entire course is online and all you have to do is watch the videos, so no reading is required
  • You won't have to annoy your friends or family members to drive you to a local driving school, especially one which may be far away from where you live
  • As of July 2024, we have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau
  • Smart phone and tablet-friendly videos
  • The certificate is downloadable from within Texas to make your certificate arrive as fast as possible
  • We combine instruction and tips in our videos to help you pass your exam and become a smarter, safer driver. Our videos use multiple camera angles of real driving on the streets and highways to show you the right and wrong way to drive
  • We edit our videos to include color and graphics to help emphasize topics which are important to remember
  • We also instruct you on which documents you need to bring to DPS on the day you schedule your driving exam with the examiner

To get started today, go to this link or call us at 1-855-675-8700.

We look forward to helping you pass the mandated 6-hour Texas adult drivers education course and downloading your certificate you need for the Department of Public Safety.

For other Texas counties we serve you are welcome to visit this page.

If you would like a sample of one of our videos then you are welcome to watch the sample below:

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