How to Prepare for Your Texas Driving Test

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DPS Third Party Skills Driving Test – What you need to know and how you should prepare.

Be prepared to take the driving test! Remember, this is to get your drivers license. Review this guide so you understand what is expect of you for the driving test.

General Guideline and Safety Tips

  • Always drive defensively. Try to anticipate errors another driver might make.
  • Be aware of your surroundings. Check your mirrors, look both ways at intersections, and look over the proper shoulder before making a lane change or merging with traffic.
  • Steer smoothly and avoid sudden turns.
  • Accelerate and stop smoothly. Slow down or speed up gradually to avoid sudden jerks.
  • Be aware of where you have to stop when approaching an intersection. We call it looking for the stop instead of always looking for the go. If your view is blocked, stop then move forward carefully. Look both ways before continuing into the intersection. Do not roll through stop signs or red lights. If you are at a “T" intersection you must always stop before turning even if there is no stop sign.
  • Always obey posted speed limits. When poor weather, road, or traffic conditions are present, reduce speed accordingly.
  • Use the two-second rule to ensure you are following at a safe distance. Increase the following distance for poor weather, road, or traffic conditions.
  • Know what all traffic signs and signals mean and obey them at all times.
  • Use the correct lane. Signal and turn into the proper lane from the improper lane.
  • Put your signal on 100 feet before turning or changing lanes or as soon as you hear the examiner instruct you to do so.

Before the Drive Test

You must present one valid form of identification to the examiner before the driving test. Try to ask all questions before your drive test begins. Once the test starts, the examiner is not permitted to engage in general conversation.

Vehicle Inspection

Before you begin the driving test, the vehicle you bring must pass an inspection to ensure it is safe and can be legally operated on public roadways. The examiner will check for:

  • Two license plates with the exception of single out-of-state or temporary plates; no auto dealership plates (permanently affixed to the front and back of the vehicle)
  • Operational speedometer
  • A properly functioning horn
  • Turn signals on the front and back of the vehicle
  • Unexpired vehicle registration and inspection
  • Unexpired insurance (applicant cannot be listed as “excluded driver”)
  • At least one rearview mirror inside or outside of the vehicle
  • Driver and front passenger door must open normally
  • Functioning seatbelts
  • Compensate for any restrictions on the driver. Examples would be eye glasses or a prosthetic device if required.
  • Brake lights
  • Windshield wipers, headlights, and taillights, depending on weather conditions and time of day

During the Drivers Test

No pets or unauthorized passengers are allowed in the vehicle during the test. The test takes about 20 minutes. The goals of the
drive test are to determine your ability to safely operate a vehicle and obey traffic laws.

You will be graded on your ability to demonstrate the following maneuvers:

  • Backing in a straight line
  • Parallel parking
  • Approaching intersections
  • Turning
  • Stopping in regular traffic conditions
  • Controlling the vehicle
  • Observing traffic
  • Maintaining vehicle position (turning, stopping, etc.)
  • Using signals

If at any time a dangerous or illegal maneuver is performed, the drive test will be immediately stopped and will result in an automatic failure.

Make sure you have valid (non expired) required documents. Please wear your glasses or corrective lenses, if required. Verify this requirement by checking your permit for the A restriction. Wear comfortable shoes. No sandals or flip flops. Good Luck!

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