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When an Illinois citizen comes in contact with state government, it is most often through the Secretary of State’s office. Secretary White’s administration is committed to making the office’s services the most accessible and customer friendly in the nation. As the second-largest constitutional office, the Office of the Secretary of State is visited by more Illinois residents than any other in state government. The Secretary of State manages one of the largest computer databases in Illinois, keeping track of approximately 8.7 million drivers; 11 million registered vehicles; 466,000 corporations; 230,000 limited liability entities; 159,000 registered securities sales-persons; and 16,000 investment advisor representatives.

The office also is an important resource for educating citizens about issues that affect their everyday lives, including anti-drunk driving, traffic safety, school bus safety, securities fraud, literacy, and organ/tissue donation.Still, to many Illinois citizens, the Secretary of State's office is the place to go for a new driver's license or license plates. As such, Secretary White has worked diligently to enhance customer service, promote safety on Illinois roads, and strengthen the integrity of the office.

This is a list of some of the online services offered in Cyberdriveillinois. From issuing driver’s licenses and registering vehicles, to promoting organ/tissue donation awareness, overseeing the Illinois State Library and administering the state's literacy efforts, the Secretary of State's office directly touches the lives of nearly everyone in Illinois.

  • Driver's License/State ID Card Services - Links to topics related to Driver's License/State ID Card. Such as acceptable identification, application information, fees, renewals, reinstatement fees, etc....
  • Secretary of State Facility Finder. - Find the nearest facility to you by entering your City or Zip Code. Secretary of State facilities for CDL, disability placards, driver license, license plates, reinstatement fees, State ID, etc....
  • Safe Driver Renewal Driver Services - Secretary White offers this program to qualifying license drivers by keeping a clean driving record for the past four years. Your application for a Safe Driver Renewal is an affirmation that you have read the renewal application letter and no situation exists that would make you ineligible to lawfully apply for a driver's license and that all information submitted by you is true and correct.
  • Driver's License Status - In May 2016, The Illinois Secretary of State's office began centrally issuing drivers licenses, ID cards and Commercial Learners Permits. The new card is being sent to you through the mail. If you have not received your permanent card after 15 business days, you can check the status by entering your information on this page.
  • Driver's License Reinstatement - A direct guide to all of the fees and dues on the different types of suspension.
  • Adult Driver Education - For Adult Driver Applicants Ages 18-20. Effective July 1, 2014 Public Act 98-167 requires Illinois driver’s license applicants ages 18, 19, or 20, who have never previously been licensed or completed an approved driver education course, to complete a six hour Adult Driver Education Course by certified providers. You will find us there!
  • Commercial Driver's License (CDL) - Links to topics related to Commercial Driver's License (CDL) and Commercial Learner's Permit (CLP). Such as Requirements, Facility Finder, Testing, School Bus Permit, Vehicles Requiring a CDL, etc....
  • Teen Driver Safety - For Parents/Legal Guradians of teens ready to get their drivers license. You will find a message from Jesse White here.
  • MADD-Mothers Against Drunk Driving - Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) is a nonprofit organization in the United States and Canada that seeks to stop drunk driving, support those affected by drunk driving, prevent underage drinking, and strive for stricter impaired driving policy, whether that impairment is caused by alcohol or any other drug.
  • Online Services - Cyberdriveillinois has a more complete list of available online services on their webpage.

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217-785-3000 (outside Illinois)

800-252-8980 (toll free in Illinois)

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